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Posted By: yrnamhere

Posted On: Aug 14, 2003
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glen too close

my roommates had sprung me from college class (usually by kidnapping me in front of class with ping pong ball guns which made it obvious that i had no choice in the matter..) and we went to see Fatal Attraction. Anyhow we take up like 5 seats and leave one on the end so we can like give our buddy michael a little space. so this chick sits down like she's michaels date and we're all snickerin and pointing at her and poking michael. at the end of the movie, we get up to leave and michael's 'date' has left the movie early. we tease michael that he couldn't get her to stay and as we shuffle out we look down at her now folded up seat and see a small ice pick with a wooden handle on the floor. we use it for appetizers now :o)