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Posted By: Wow

Posted On: Aug 18, 2003
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Generous people

I can't believe giving the mnoney away is in the lead!!!

Posted By: rigmus

Posted On: Aug 19, 2003
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RE: Generous people

no joke...i voted for build my own house... i seriously dont think half those people that voted for those thing really would do that if they got this chance. but i wouldn't build one house i'd build like 4 or 5 mansions. and then i'd jsut live off the cash...omg that'd be the life

Posted By: just a thought

Posted On: Aug 19, 2003
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RE: Generous people

um.... no i think in all reallity most people would give it away... this is a TRILLION build your 4 or 5 huge houses thats maybe only a couple hundred mill. personally i would buy a place in Fiji and then give the money away only keeping 1 mill or so