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Posted By: gilly3

Posted On: Aug 20, 2003
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New Energy Sources

This poll is interesting because you really have to think about what would provide the most value - since you can only pick one thing.

I chose finding new energy sources. The only thing that holds us back is energy. We fight wars over energy. Without it, people in new york sleep on the streets and don't have anything to do.

To be able to apply essentially infinite resources to finding new and better energy sources could potentially solve the worlds problems. If we found a truly inexpensive, environmentally friendly, effective energy source, we would be able to do so much more. We would have no reason to fight wars in the middle east. We could solve world hunger. We could de-salinize sea water as much as we wanted. We could solve global warming. What couldn't we do, if we had limitless, cheap, clean energy?

Posted By: Molly

Posted On: Aug 22, 2003
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RE: New Energy Sources

Yeppir, ye can't just divide it up equally and give it away to random people. It's like instant inflation by 1000 dollars. You gotta spend it on something specific. Energy is the best one on the list.

Posted By: Hooverville_Address

Posted On: Aug 24, 2003
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RE: New Energy Sources

I seriously thought about the 1000 to random people, but chose energy sources instead. But dumping money into the economy doesn't necessarily create instant inflation. It's a small enough amount that it would only cause inflation in inexpensive items. No inflation in the housing market - right? People wouldn't hoard it like the tax cuts to the rich. The 1K would probably be spent immediately, boosting sales, shrinking inventories, CREATING JOBS.

But yeah, the energy thingy won out 'cause I've seen gas prices go up 30 cents in about 2 weeks. It's insane, we're being f-ed over here man. Plus it blows that our dependency causes us so many political problems.