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Posted By: PC

Posted On: Aug 22, 2003
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I would use the trillion dollars to leverage against a small country and crush their fragile economy, then I would rename the country after myself. I would use some of the money to build an aresnal of nuclear weapons and tell the world that if any f'ed with me, it would be over. I would then require all citizens to work in the military for 2 years. I would require anyone that needed goverment assistance to work in the military in some capacity until they no longer needed assistance. I would make the laws of the country simple and known to all people. There would be no suing for doing stupid stuff that gets you hurts. There would be no fast talking lawyers diluting and embarassing the laws. There would be no capital punishment. I would work your ass every day for the rest of life, probably until it killed you. I would not join the United Nations. I would not use ramdom acts of violence by a few as carte Blanche to disregard all the rights of my citizens. I would not start a war I can't win. I would meddle in other peoples affairs, but if I had to to meddle. I would just launch a nuclear weapon at you and that would be that.

Posted By: ed

Posted On: Aug 22, 2003
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hell yeah!!