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Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Aug 24, 2003
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Spend Money

I think once you have to deal with rent, utilities, etc... Spending money like it's nothing goes out the window. Especially if you're unemployed. As for everything else on the list, how can you ever be too old for any of it? Do what makes you happy man, screw public opinion of what's "mature" or "childish". You want rainbow sprinkles, HAVE 'em. Shoplifting, well how else are you supposed to get CD's since you get sued supposedly if you download 'em. You like toys in the tub.....that's your business, not mine. Play video games...who do you think they expect to play them at $50 bucks a game? Race strangers, how else do you stop arsehole drivers from cutting you off when their lane ends & they want to merge? Sugary Cereal? can you ever outgrow Cap'n Crunch & the bunch?

Ok, you get the point.