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Posted By: susie

Posted On: Aug 25, 2003
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Ok there are 8 other people who still race strangers in their car!! Sometimes I get all Nascar - Jeff Gordon-y and enjoy taking off from a red light leavin' everyone in the dust. Sure the other car was like a Granny who could barely see over the wheel - but I won man, and nobody can take that away from me man. Nobody.

Posted By: correctional officer

Posted On: Aug 25, 2003
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RE: racin'

actually, it's 131 at the time of my reply, you forgot to include the "all of the above" people.

Posted By: Evil Gwench

Posted On: Aug 29, 2003
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RE: racin'

Hey now... I may be in my 20's now, but I gotta say.. When you drive a tiny car with 180HP and a VR6 engine in it (STOCK), you just GOTTA do it!

What is more fun than making a fool out of the little teeny boppers in their Hondas and Acuras with the big metal shop plank and fart knocker exhaust pipe?!

... All the better when you are whuppin' them in a Volkswagen ;-)

(And I am a girl.. that really gets them.)

~ Gwench