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Posted By: Comie Dave

Posted On: Sep 6, 2003
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Comic Geeks arnt that bad.

Im a sort of comic book geek and were not that bad we just like comics and whats in them, sure some of them are porn, but hey some books are too. There jsut somtimes a way of ecaping or like reading (yes reading) about somthing not normal. I dont like normal comics (super man etc.) i like manga or alternative comics that are better and not all come on boys lets fight evil in tight sorts. We are nice people and not to slimmy (well some are but you just dont lead them on) we jst like comics and there exprsive content. Thanks Comie Dave

Posted By: Capt. Geekoid

Posted On: Sep 11, 2003
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RE: Comic Geeks arnt that bad.

Comic geeks are the worst geeks, ranking right up there with Trekkie geeks. Life is a minestrone, served up with parmesan cheese.

Nah, comic geeks are ok. Heh.