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Posted By: ft fun reng

Posted On: Sep 23, 2003
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Hector Macho Cra-macho

Now that is a name for ya!! Woowoo! That is name that just brings a smile to your face- even when you don't say it out loud. Course, when you do say it out loud you must say it with an accent only picked up from Hollywood movies with the bad guys having those sortof "Russian mafia/Latin evil lover" type accents.
Hecktoorrr Maaacho CRRRa-macho (phonetically this is what it should sound like- roll those rrr's) OH and every time the name is said, there should be a dramatic sort of wave of the hand...as in "NOW presenting......Hectorrr Maaacho CRRRa- MACHO!!!!"
Just had to throw in my long thought.
nite nite from colorado!

Posted By: Mr. Nyo

Posted On: Sep 25, 2003
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RE: Hector Macho Cra-macho

Dear Mr. Foot Fungus,
I am on a mission. I am trying to convince everyone that Cuddles MacGillicuddy should be the name of Todd's new crab. Alas...there are no rrrs to roll in Cuddles MacGillicuddy. Of course if you were asian, you might pronounce it Cudders MacGirricuddy, but you wouldn't roll your rrrs. You must admit though, that with the right ring announcer, Cuddles MacGillicuddy could sound pretty exciting.

In this corner, weighing in at 235 grams, from Brooklyn, New York, CUDDLES MAC-GIILLL-I_CUUUUDDDYYY.

Posted By: fort fun (no fungus), reng

Posted On: Sep 25, 2003
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RE: Hector Macho Cra-macho

Well, as I am partial to anything Irish sounding, Cuddles MacGillicuddy sounds pretty swell...but I really wanted the rrrr rolling of Hector Macho Cra-macho. and its just soooo not gay sounding. Not that there is anything WRONG with having a gay sounding name- its all in the ears of the beholder...I just want to make sure that Gene knows who he's dealing with. No more fancy pantsing around in that aquarium!! See it works both ways- if Gene is actually Jean, then she'll be super impressed with her new Latin loving sounding name sporting aquarium mate. If Gene is indeed Gene, then he'll know that he can't possibly compete with the lover of all hermit crabs, Hector Macho Cra-macho!- and they'll be friends and no one will mysteriously be whacked...by Gene.