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Posted By: schnellh

Posted On: Sep 26, 2003
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Survivor: Crab Island

none of the names already listed really stuck out to me - not that they're bad names, just not nearly as cool as gene gene the dancing machine....
here's some more ideas: the 'Fonz', Roscoe P. Coaltrain, Johnny Fever, Bo Duke, or his brother - Luke Duke, Venus Flytrap, or maybe Chuckles the Clown?
Maybe we could also all bet on who will be the first to be voted off of the island?
You should get more crabs and not feed them and see who is the last one left... (sounds like you might be already doing that...)
Just kidding - keep an eye on Gene and feed the little buggers, for Pete's sake! No more crabby cakes horrors! Okay?

Posted By: Fluffybutt

Posted On: Sep 27, 2003
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RE: Survivor: Crab Island

Cuddles MacGillicuddy