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Posted By: Mr. Nyo

Posted On: Oct 6, 2003
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Asteroid to OddTodd

Back in the day when Assteroids first got goin', I used to play it for hours. I'd start around 5pm when I got offa work. I worked across the street from Sgt. Peppers Pub. I could get through the next two hours of happy hour for $5.50. 50 cents for asteroids, $5.00 for two double JDs on the rocks. Then from 7pm to Midnight, or 1am, or 2am or 3am, or 4am, another dozen JDs, and another couple games of asteroids here or after day, week after week, month after month.

I feel as though this time in my life may have lead me to OddTodd. Ya see I'm thinkin' that the time I spent playing asteroids (o.k. ... and drinkin JDs) could have been more appropriately spent on my Edumacation, or towards achieving a more career oriented type job. And because of the Edumacation/Career delay I met my wife whilst workin' in a snack bar kitchen (because otherwise I woulda been somewheres else). And then after I got married I became exiled to the midwest, because I could make more money making cars than driving cars (Taxi Driver). Then I worked my way up to being a sales rep. for a automotive supplier. Then I got laid-off when the economy went sour. Then whilst surfin' around with a "laid-off" search in my google box, I found OddTodd.

So you see...if I hadn't been an excessive asteroids player back in the day, right now you'd be reading about how yo thinks this poll is gay.