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Posted By: BetterMousetrap

Posted On: Oct 8, 2003
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RE: Mr Do!!!

Damn, I used to play Mr. Do 'till my eyeballs hurt. I was all "Triple Kill Apples!" Crazy! That game ate all my lunch money.
Eat them cherries, kid.

Posted By: Moi? Wee wee!

Posted On: Oct 7, 2003
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RE: Mr Do!!!

I need to check these parts more often. Anytime I mention Mr. Do to most people, they give me this perplexed look. Where I like to go hang out has Mr. Do, Pac Man and Galaga, but they got rid of their Frogger. I have that Coleco mini-arcade version of Frogger... now if I could remember to score some D batteries...

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Posted On: Oct 6, 2003
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Mr Do!!!

Mr Do was the BEST!!!