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Posted By: susan

Posted On: Oct 6, 2003
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RE: Too many to list

This has nothing to do with the poll. I have to second the recommendation given by Nik Ashmost for Al Franken's book. It is very enlightening, and Mr. Franken is, once again, very funny about a not so funny political climate.

Posted By: Nougat

Posted On: Oct 6, 2003
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RE: Too many to list

Ooooh, that reminds me of a bunch:

Punch Out!
Night Driver (way old and crappy)
Monaco GP
Skate or Die
Time Pilot

And there's one that came a little later that I forget the name of right now, but here's what it was like:

Two seater battle arena. You could pick between five "cars" and the controls were two sticks, a'la Battle Zone. You had missiles and guns, and tried to kill your opponent. You could pick up health, shields and other stuff, and if you fired your guns continuously, they'd overheat. The default "car" was like a spider. Wireframe polygon graphics. Who knows the name of that one? I played it a zillion times, why don't I remember??

Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Oct 6, 2003
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Too many to list

Man, I just can't vote on this poll. As a young video game junkie, I loved them all equally(the same cop-out mothers give when asked who their favorite child is). And seeing all the games mentioned in the posts that are in addition to the options available, I'm just overwhelmed with choices. How can I pick just one? I keep having flashbacks in my mind of running around the arcade from one game to the next. Zaxxon, then on to a little pole position, then over for a quick round of Frogger, maybe a few quarters worth of Gauntlet(absent in the mentionings so far I notice....maybe not old enough?), on over to Galaga to get my double ship shooting power, on over to Tempest to spin in a circle shooting things coming up(that game always felt "spidery" to me), maybe killing a few minutes on "Missile Command". Then off to sit in the Star Wars cockpit style game(truly innovative for it's time). Then on to Bubble Bobble(absent from amy posts as well but worth mentioning)...Wasting 2 quarters for Dragon's Lair(which I sucked at)..and 2 quarters was EXPENSIVE for a video game back then! Then, with my last token(my arcade gave tokens, 8 for a dollar) I'd play this old school wrestling game. I can't remember it's name, it had a repitition of maybe 4-5 wrestlers you'd continually fight over & over. My last token could always last about an hour on that game. Ok, I'm done reminiscing, & if you're still reading this long post, Congratulations.

One more thing...Al Franken's new book....HILARIOUS and Enlightening (shameless off-topic plug)

Awaiting the hateful replies from you who didn't read Todd's request for politeness :)
The guy some of you love to hate,