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Posted By: Paperboy

Posted On: Oct 27, 2008
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RE: Paperboy

My game was very cool. And lifelike.

Well, my life, anyway.

Posted By: good call

Posted On: Oct 7, 2003
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RE: Paperboy

pb ruled!

Posted By: Moi? Wee wee!

Posted On: Oct 7, 2003
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RE: Paperboy

Man, I liked Paperboy and all, but I was defective and could never master it quite as well as I wanted to. When I finally got close, the arcade closed forever (I lived in a small, middle of nowhere town). So it goes. I hadn't even thought about it again until now... might be time for a Paperboy crusade!

Posted By: me

Posted On: Oct 7, 2003
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Paperboy was definately the best game. Especially with the bike handles with the rubber grip attached to the arcade game. How can you beat that?