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Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Oct 19, 2003
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Ok, a couple weeks back, my girlfriend broke a nail while opening a window. She proceeded to sit down and weep for 10 minutes because of the effort it had taken to get them "just right". Not to mention her fear of the manicurist if her nails aren't already perfect.

So yeah, nails it is. Hands down.

hey first TWO posts! Yay.

Posted By: KatrinaL

Posted On: Oct 19, 2003
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RE: Nails

Yeah, so I did do that. You saw it! It bled! It was a freak finger!

So I was a little upset.

Posted By: J-town

Posted On: Oct 20, 2003
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RE: Nails

All of the women I know that are bartenders don't worry about their nails because it's next to impossible to have nice nails and work behind a bar. The cocktails, on the other hand, complain everytime they chip a nail. So I guess it's situational.

Posted By: yo

Posted On: Oct 20, 2003
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RE: Nails

awe, how cute - you guys post on oddtodd together.

Posted By: f' husk

Posted On: Oct 24, 2003
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RE: Nails

fat chicks who wear hot pink spandex also seem to like long fake nails, and when they break them they buy more spandex to make themselves feel better about it.