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Posted By: J-town

Posted On: Oct 19, 2003
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A few of those

These are the things I've noticed w/my female friends and aquaintances. Grant it, these are my experiences, and I'm relatively sure they have a list on men that is equally long:

Shoes- Women own shoes for just about everything. I own a pair of sandles, a pair of running shoes, a pair of Sambas, a pair of boots, and both black and brown dress shoes. So that puts me at 6 pairs covering all my basic needs. Most women I know have at least 3 options that cover their basic needs. In their defense, a growing number of my guy friends are becoming shoe whores. My roommate has upwards of 20 pairs of shoes. So this isn't merely a female thing anymore.

Gossip- I work in the service industry, and there arew always rumors and innuendos flying around. Whenever I want to be brought up to speed, there's several females I know that are more then happy to talk about rumors. The guys tend to be a little more discreet w/gossip.

Their own birthdays- I work on my birthdays half the time, and when I do celebrate it I usually get a few good friends together for dinner and drinks, and then we hit the town. The vast majority of women I know like to use their birthday as an escuse to turn the entire month into a party where they are the center of attention and then expect to get showered w/affection. Hey, I like to party too, but once the clock strikes midnight, it's no longer your day anymore. If you've set up a all weekend bash, hey, that's cool. But if you or anyone else hasn't set forth any plans to continue partying after the day, don't expect me to cut you any slack the next day. I just gave you your day, princess, now the world returns to normal.

What other women are doing- I think this one could be combined w/gossip. Men don't really care what other men are doing if they aren't in the same room. This does not hold true w/women.

Their own boobs- Ok, this one is silly. I've seen several women who were perfect in their own way alter their bodies so they can fit a stereotype that's been a constant in their life since they were given their first Barbie. I can understand if you are an A-cup and want to go to a C, because you don't have boobs. But some of the smartest women I know I've watched go from C to D or bigger. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. As much as we men like to look at boobs, I think women think about them more then twice as much as we do.

Anyways, thats been my experience. Like I said, women have a list of all the annoying stuff we do, so don't take this to personal. I can live w/them.

Posted By: Matt

Posted On: Oct 20, 2003
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RE: A few of those

"I can understand if you are an A-cup and want to go to a C, because you don't have boobs."

A's can be just as awesome, fun, and stare-worthy as C's - it all depends on the shape.

"As much as we men like to look at boobs, I think women think about them more then twice as much as we do."

No way!

Posted By: f' husk

Posted On: Oct 24, 2003
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RE: A few of those

i've noticed a few things about chicks who wear tight fitting, hot pink spandex.

1. Shoes - they wear high heals with them. Hot pink for casual dress. white for a night on the town, and black for the office. brown high heels and hot pink spandex is taboo. much like white after labor day.

2. Gossip - fat chicks with tight fitting hot pink spandex like to talk about other fat chicks who wear spandex, especially if they're wearing hot pink spandex with brown shoes or if they are wearing shiny silver or blue spandex.

3. tight fitting spandex wearers who are also on the heavy side obsess over there birthdays because they hope their friends don't buy the the wrong size hot pink spandex. sometimes they are too big, and the fat chick wearing spandex person like them small....very small.

4. Boobs. Fat chicks who wear hot pink spandex do not obsess over their boobs cause they're wearing hot pink, tight fitting, small sized spandex and they look good regardless of how big/small their boobs are.