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Posted By: phil

Posted On: May 4, 2005
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why believe in god?

whats the point of worshiping a god when all religion does is hold you back from the natural urges of the human brought fourth though evolution? There are so many religions, so what gives you the right to say that you picked the right one? so much war and killing has been brought fourth with religion. people who dont believe in a god have way better lives than those who swear to celebicy. people say that people who dont believe in their religion will go to hell, but why spend all your life working on becoming worthy of your own afterlife? why would u worship a god and just wait to die? there is no real meaning of life, and if there is, its definately not to just sit around and pray for a good result of death, you only live once and should savor life instead of wasting your life not having fun and then finding out it was all for nothing. religion has screwed up humanity and should be abolished