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Posted By: Harold IV

Posted On: Jan 5, 2004
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i'd probably choose the whole smoking thing because i smoke anyway and it'd be nothing. i don't smoke that much, but whatever.
i'd almost pick the shots thing cause i'm diabetic and 6 shots in my arm is only two more than i do in a day anyway
however, i have been thinking of painting my room black anyway ...

Posted By: bumwalla

Posted On: Jan 6, 2004
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RE: smoking

mammals also suffer from strange distinctive traits, such as poor interior design skills and diabetes

Posted By: ballsy

Posted On: Jan 6, 2004
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RE: smoking

I painted my balls black once. then I realized that my balls look best in their natural pink hue, so I painted my black balls pink.

Posted By: cpa2Brealsoon

Posted On: Jan 8, 2004
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RE: smoking

wow, same here- diabetic, sometimes smoker, i had the exact same thought process too...6 shots, only two more than normal, a whole pack...i could do that..