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Posted By: Kyle caster my number 315-298-5828

Posted On: Dec 7, 2004
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Killing my self sounds good

My name is kyle caster i live in pulaski and i have no friends i have never even heard or jay and slient bob never seen a movie anything because my mom won't let me she says it is bad for me. Even tho my dad does coke i think i am better off dead i can't even do a damn sit up. Just call me really my number is 315 298 5258 i just hate my self and never get any phone calls and everyon wants to kill me and eat me for food. I am basically a useless piece of **** to soictey why don't you just kill me and make my life easier. I live in a farm house and rape all the animals even the sheep. Well i am going to wake off to my mom and dad having sex while doing 30 pounds of coke.