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Posted By: WEST

Posted On: Jan 16, 2006
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In accordance current CIA aspects against Shane Jamieson via the Central Intelligence Agency-
I remind the CIA god is the corner stone of the West and always has been in accordance example Christian God,God no matter the truth of religion,the West has been before there was ever a America in accordance the Royal systems of Europe in accordance America nothing more than a break away Republic from the UK in the start in accordance now like then have no say over western issues entire in accordance and applied against the CIA is meant to be equal having there face beaten off equal the drug dealer many Americans in US intelligence are in example from movie Firefox in accordance any contact in accordance the cornerstone of the West being GOD against conspiracy of evil,and advise America finds out via the likes of the SIS including the use of the example Americans SIS equals themselves and taking care of their CIA...in their own conspiracy aspects applied against SJ applied against the evil of smearists in accordance...
Heaven applied against aspects of evil individuals in the West via smearists of Shane Jamieson in this life not the afterlife.
Facts are example...
CIA individual looks around the inside of a UFO in accordance example current CIA CIA Director,in attempt to gain intelligence against God in accordance craft for CIA intelligence,in effect there is a first and last time for everything in accordance the CIA against God in accordance armed conflict against God and Heaven via US government that has placed itself before God in accordance Heaven pathetic in history,you have no idea in accordance systems.
If you are sane the issue is to be taken care of in accordance advised methods in sent estimates-specifications,because no one likes a child abuser like yourselves...CIA in illegal protection US image in accordance...not to mention the tape and evidence sent to Italian Police that stated current US President involved in serious child abuse crimes in this lifetime in accordance not in the media as yet is it CIA,except here equal Chinese reporter blog on Internet because of conspiracy against media freedoms via Communists in accordance the likes of CIA criminals serious crimes they are not going to walk away from in the light of day in accordance crimes against Shane Jamieson-Calem Laister.