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Posted By: shadowsniper

Posted On: Feb 7, 2004
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Doesn't anyone see anything wrong with today's music? today's music makes our children behave like little whores. " I'll have you naked by the end of this song" and bam! Janet is exposed. I just feel this horrible music is leading to the downfall of our society.

Posted By: VOid

Posted On: Feb 7, 2004
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RE: superbowl

"our children" assuming that you have some, and if you dont, then shut up.

If you do, why are you blaming your bad parenting on music? Whos responsiblity is it to filter what "your" child can and cannot listen too? the music industry? the artists that make the music? the store that sells the music? of course, its all of the above. they all should be held responsible for what "your child" listens to. you, as their parent, should not have and responsibility whatso ever in how your child is raised.

And before people start flaming me, I am not one of those people who dont allow my kids to play with toy swords, or guns, or watch violent tv, or movies, or anything of that nature. I do draw lines of what my children can and cannot watch. I am sick of people who blame the music industry, the video game industry, and otheres for their (the parents) lack of parenting skills.

Posted By: Dr. Zhivago

Posted On: Feb 8, 2004
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RE: superbowl

You know what? As a matter of fact you ARE responsible for your children. Blame whoever you want for their ****-poor behavior but YOU are the reason that they are little Lucifers. Take some responsibility here lady! Teach your kids right from are stupid if you rely on the media to do that for you. Grow up and help your own friggin' kids.

Posted By: clay basher

Posted On: Feb 8, 2004
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RE: superbowl

Hide your children from Clay Aiken!