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Posted By: Neochi

Posted On: Feb 13, 2004
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Expects Sex

i'd put "Expects Sex" under "1st date turn ons", but thats just little ole perverted me...hehe

Posted By: Propaganda

Posted On: Feb 13, 2004
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RE: Expects Sex

Hell yea!

Posted By: Kyle

Posted On: Feb 15, 2004
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RE: Expects Sex

Anybody who expects sex on the first date would be an instant turn-on. Unless you're a chick and you're like, religious or something and want to be a virgin.


Posted By: wanker

Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
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RE: Expects Sex

religious chicks don't suck. Umm.... literaly.

Posted By: Tru_Love_Is_Always_There

Posted On: Feb 19, 2006
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RE: Expects Sex

I always Expect Sex on my first date, in fact i Expect it on all my dates!!! Sex is fun it brings out the true feelings on the inside of a person. And if its great sex you end up having it with that person more often!!!