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Posted By: JellyBean

Posted On: Mar 10, 2004
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Peer Pressure

I really liked High School but, I hated those times when I ended-up doing something I didn't want to do because of peer pressure.

Doubt this helps anyone but, I wanted to post anyway.

Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Mar 10, 2004
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RE: Peer Pressure

Sucked a lot of wang in high school huh?

Posted By: Sheeup

Posted On: Mar 10, 2004
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RE: Peer Pressure

I haven't gotten a lot of peer pressure yet, or maybe it's because I really don't care how popular I am and I'm not willing to do anything in my power to get there. No offense, Jellybean, but the only way to eliminate peer pressure is to accept the fact that you're not popular and deal with it and get new friends in your own social reach.

Posted By: Punk_Nothing

Posted On: Mar 14, 2004
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RE: Peer Pressure

I never experienced peer pressure... but then, my friends weren't a**holes. It was:
Friend: "want some weed,"
Me: "nah,"
Friend: "k."
I never had those friends who said "dude, only losers don't do ____" like some melodramitic after-school special. All my friends were down with me being who I was, whether or not that happened to be like them. People aren't supposed to be carbon copies of each other, only idiots think they have hit on the only way to be "cool."

The only people who try to use "peer pressure" shouldn't be your peers, they're just trying to manipulate you, it's up to you to decide whether or not you're going to let them make you their b*tch.