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Posted By: Hyper Hottie

Posted On: Mar 12, 2004
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Comedy Central Deal

Whazzup with odd todd's Comedy Central deal? Anyone got the skinny?

Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Mar 12, 2004
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RE: Comedy Central Deal

You need to pay more attention to the whole site.

C.C. has made a deal with O.T. to buy 8 episodes for starters. Maybe they'll make it to the airwaves by late this year.

Posted By: Daisy

Posted On: Mar 13, 2004
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RE: Comedy Central Deal

SWEET! I just had a kid so I haven't been able to play on this site in a while. Friggin' A that this is finally happening.

Hopefully the cartoon can get up and running before the religious right whitewashes every area of entertainment. Just saw that some satellite (sp?) companies are dropping CC and other networks for "indecent" programming. WTF!!

Sorry--will get off the soapbox now. Congrats to Todd!!