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Posted By: Sheeup

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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Drugs in general?

I noticed the "tobacco" topic, and I decided to put all drugs in general. They are corrupting the youth of the world into thinking that it's cool to ruin your body by putting bad things into it. It makes me feel like a sad panda.
Please reply with relavence.

Posted By: Dave

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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RE: Drugs in general?

Ya know...**** em. If they are dumb enough to do the drugs in the first place then they deserve what is coming. Dont blame the drugs. Blame the ****in media and the war on drugs. If it wasnt for them there wouldnt be war at all. If you decrease the supply then you increase the demand. We are advertising for the drug lords so they can focus there efforts on making better ****. This is a good thing if you are into drugs, but bad if you dont want you little jimmy to hit the ****in crackpipe when you are away from home.

anyway you look at it though there is no one org. that you can point a finger at. therefore no one is corrupt and this whole post is off topic.
Read the ****in topic

Posted By: babo

Posted On: Mar 18, 2004
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RE: Drugs in general?

i think one think that we can all agree on is twickers must die. speed freaks are the reason why america is going to hell.


Posted By: Dave

Posted On: Mar 19, 2004
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RE: Drugs in general?

Hey now. Some speed freaks are great. They work so ****in hard. There was a dude all methed out at my last job and he worked so ****in hard. I am a pretty strong guy (it was wearhouse work) and i couldnt even begain to hang with his speed. He ****in ran EVERYWHERE! i mean to his ****in car EVERYWHERE!!! my hat goes off to that guy. I could slack soo ****in much cause of him. Oh I will agree. the average speed freak sucks on the street corner. **** them. but there is a lot of special people out there who make other peoples lifes a lot easier. rock on tweekers!