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Posted By: cnote

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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the church. defenetly

Posted By: Ben Dover

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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RE: church

yoo stoopid

Posted By: pOPE

Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
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RE: church

No kidding, I agree.

Posted By: babo

Posted On: Mar 18, 2004
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RE: church

in my country, everyone would have to stop what they are doing, get down on a dirty rug, and pray. seven times a day. you think your religion is bad. go to india and try it out. Thats why when i moved here i became an atheist.

Posted By: Kiki Dee

Posted On: Mar 18, 2004
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RE: church

Atheism isn't all it's cracked up to be. I tried it for a while after I was screwed over by my church. But then, I realized... my beef isn't with God. I love God. He's cool. It's organized religion that ****es me off! Those crooked bastards need to burn in hell.