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Posted By: Punk_Nothing

Posted On: Apr 4, 2004
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Fully Functional

Ok, I know this is geeky, but when I was a kid I watched TONS of Star Trek and I still vividly remember when Tasha Yar and Data got it on and he said he was "fully functional." So... I think Data might be a worth while roomy. I mean... he's an android... he wouldn't get tired.

So... I'm gonna go now.

Oh, and I noticed Bender from Futurama wasn't in the poll. I know he's a dick, but he can be very entertaining, and I could start a Bending Company. Again, I'm a geek... try not to throw rotten vegetables at me.

Posted By: no_one

Posted On: Apr 5, 2004
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RE: Fully Functional

Not geeky at all. Bender is badass.

Posted By: Annaise

Posted On: Apr 5, 2004
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RE: Fully Functional

Heheh I went with Fully Functional too. ;)

Posted By: dave

Posted On: Apr 7, 2004
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RE: Fully Functional

I just think data is a ****in pimp. I watched a lot of star trek during my childhood years as well. He was always a pimp. end of story, got my vote