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Posted By: dan

Posted On: Apr 5, 2004
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what about 7 of 9

what about 7 of 9 cyborgs should count too esp hot ones

Posted By: perv

Posted On: Apr 6, 2004
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RE: what about 7 of 9

how about 6 of 9?

Posted By: Dragonmaster

Posted On: Apr 7, 2004
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RE: what about 7 of 9

7 of 9 isn't a robot. The only piece of metal left in her after being abord the Voyager was somthing or other in her scalp/brain that they couldent remove becouse thats her power source/recharge. She is all human but for that.

Posted By: Krisbish96

Posted On: Apr 7, 2004
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RE: what about 7 of 9

I think 7 of 9 should totally count. She was a human then a robot and then a human again. That's a lot to go through. Lets give her some credit here. She never did quite give up her Borg way of thinking. Plus I always thought she was cool and she could fix anything. Oh and DragonMaster her hand was also still Robotic, and maybe there were some other parts that were, that I just can't remember right now. So yea, she should definetely count.

Posted By: Live from Jerusalem

Posted On: Apr 10, 2004
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RE: what about 7 of 9

If you're gonna count people who are part robot, then you gotta count Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. And I don't think anyone would call them robots. Let's be real, people. :-)