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Posted By: John Creator of "Pimpbot"

Posted On: Apr 8, 2004
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Pimpbot gets the Girlz

Hello, I am Pimpbot. I am a sophisticated pimp robot sent back in time to be the end all sex pimp "a" fied robot of all time. Men will tremble and women will scream (in delight)as I roll into their suburban neighborhoods radiating charismatic wonder and sex.

Why wouldn't you want me as your roommate? Obviously you want R2D2 because no one has a creative thought in their heads for anything except that little drink holder / trash can you just can't live without from Star Wars. R2D2 might be good as a Mechanic's helper, not a roommate.

You could have girls. Don't be stupid. Pick Pimpbot. Who cares what a pimpbot is. It's a pimp!