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Posted By: superman

Posted On: Jun 13, 2004
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fighting nieghbors

my nieghbors fight all the time and i hear them all yelling in the morning and they wake me up. so i bang on the wall and yell shut the f*ck up and they never do.

Posted By: Dave

Posted On: Jun 13, 2004
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RE: fighting nieghbors

Thats bad ass. At least it gives you something to do

Posted By: alisa

Posted On: Jun 14, 2004
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RE: fighting nieghbors

oh yeah? well my neighbor across the street is this very overweight lady who chooses to walk around outside in her nightshirt (which is just a long t-shirt). What sucks about this is that her house is uphill from mine so when i'm sitting on my front step and she bends over on her porch to pick something up, let's just say that she doesn't wear ANY underwear (and swears like a sailor to everyone including her 1yr old grandson).

Posted By: jeff

Posted On: Jun 14, 2004
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RE: fighting nieghbors

during one of their shouting matches, leave a loaded gun on their doorstep, ring the doorbell and RUN AWAY!!!!

I hope everyone knows that I am joking...

Posted By: joe

Posted On: Jun 15, 2004
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RE: fighting nieghbors

I thought about doing that gun thing when my neighbor kept shining his frickin' laser pointer in my window...grow up, man!