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Posted By: dragonmaster

Posted On: Jun 26, 2004
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Serious Question.

I am getting serious about getting a motocycle. There cheaper than a car, better MPG at the pump, look cool, and for me - practical.

I just dont know how to go about getting one. i've thought about getting a new one, but the loan guyes apparently don't like collage students, and used ones are cheaper, but I don't realy trust them.

I was wondering what a good starter bike would be. I know better than to get on that Ducati 999r that I want.

And the licence also confuses me. How do you get a learners? Or do you just get a full licence. It's not like someone could ride with you when you start out.

I used to race MTB and have always felt more comfortable on 2 wheels instead of 4. I'm just asking for advice here.

Sorry about the multipull posts and picts. no more pictures. ok

Posted By: Jonysan

Posted On: Jun 26, 2004
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RE: Serious Question.

Get a friggin honda and stop whining

Posted By: Dragonmaster

Posted On: Jun 26, 2004
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RE: Serious Question.

I'm not whining. I'm asking questions and experssing conserns.

A honda. which one? That was my main question, not the brand.

Posted By: Steveb

Posted On: Jun 26, 2004
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RE: Serious Question.

Honda is a good and reliable motorcycle.
If you only need to putt around a few miles then go for one of the higher end scooters.
Here is the Honda web site.
Be forwarned, if your like me, and like the back button the the site is as bad as a porn site.
For finacing walk in to your nearest honda dealer, choose what you want then see what they will do for the sale.
You should get your finacing and a helmet at least.

Now to what this post should be.
If you know anything about pigs then you would choose them.
They tend to bite and eat anything hanging out and for a guy, a night with them could be bad.
After a night with all the other choices you will still have your family jewels.

Posted By: rwlaschin

Posted On: Oct 12, 2005
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RE: Serious Question.

Honda, huh? They are good, along with Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. The new Triumph Daytona 675 is supposed to be good as well. What style of bike are you looking for? I'm guessing you might be a sport bike type of guy. So any of these might be to your taste.

Suzuki GSX
Honda F4i
Kawasaki ZZR
Yamaha YZF