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Posted By: Dragonmaster

Posted On: Jul 5, 2004
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I quit.

Sorry, but if you get ticked off about me discusing work or school then don't read this.

I quit working one of my jobs. I had a wedding that I needed to help Chef with. I gave my boss at work over a weeks notice that I had to help (before the schedule was made up). She had me scheduled to work that day anyway so I asked for it off again and she said that I couldent have it off. I called her that morning and told her that I wouldent be in, and that I had gave her a notice about it. She knows that I'm going to collage to be a chef, and I sometimes have to help the Chef at school. She was ****ed. Told me that when school let back in that my class schedule had to go around my work schedule. Not for $5.15 it wont. f-that.

I didn't show up today and she didn't call. lol

I still have my workstudy job at the school and one of my friends from highschool asked me to go where he works. It's at hardees so I might go. He said $6.00 and hour so might be better.

Sorry about the second post and the venting, it'll be gone tomorrow.

Posted By: mike

Posted On: Jul 5, 2004
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RE: I quit.

If you don't want people to yell at you for your venting, try and disguise it. Be all like, "I would kill me boss for $100, because..."

It's a lot sneakier that way.

And while I'm posting, the Hitler is not sick. It's a beautiful and imaginative prank.

Posted By: some guy

Posted On: Jul 5, 2004
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RE: I quit.

see 'Petition to Remove Dragonmaster' re: this thread.