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Posted By: Lisa

Posted On: Aug 1, 2004
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In a coffin in a basement

Hey, as long as there wasn't anything dead in the coffin I'd be in there humpin' away.

Posted By: richietwo

Posted On: Aug 1, 2004
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RE: In a coffin in a basement

Ya, copulating in a coffin sounds cool. Do they make waterbed coffins? That'd be even cooler.

Posted By: Novinha

Posted On: Aug 1, 2004
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RE: In a coffin in a basement

I've slept in a coffin before. I don't remember why. I think I was drunk... that might be why... er.. anyways. They are really comfy. Sex in a coffin wouldn't be taht bad at all. I said a swamp. Purly because swamps are ucky.

Posted By: corpse humper

Posted On: Aug 2, 2004
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RE: In a coffin in a basement

gettin it on in a coffin, would be awesome! you could make a sandwich... hahaha

Posted By: sam

Posted On: Aug 3, 2004
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RE: In a coffin in a basement

oh yeah and then i could realli roll ova in my grave

Posted By: Syrgot

Posted On: Aug 3, 2004
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RE: In a coffin in a basement

Sex in a coffin would be fine depending on what the coffin was on. Keep in mind most of the table things they keep them on are on wheels and arent that stable. You might knock it off the table and be on the groud, under a heavy coffin, which would suck.

I've never slept in a coffin before, though I got hella ****ed up at my sisters apartment for my birthday last year, and apparently feel asleep in the bathroom. She and her room mate had the decency and good hearts to move me, but couldnt find a place. I woke up in the laundry basket.

(Sorry this is a long post, its 3 responces to 3 different previous posts.)

My buddy Mike went with his grandfather to pick out a coffin for when he dies. He asked if he could try it out. "I want to make sure I've got enough shoulder room. You know how I hate having cramped shoulders," he told his daughter (Mikes mom.) She's a crazy half brooklyn, half atlanta lady. SCARY combination.

Posted By: Cokey

Posted On: Aug 3, 2004
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RE: In a coffin in a basement

Yeah, the coffin shouldn't even be considered an unfun place, I've seen it done in a lot worse places. My mom got one that was all soft and stuff, I wanted to sleep in it, but the idea of it freaked her out. But as long as there was room, a good coffin would be a hella cool place to **** someone, but I think it would imply that there might be some necrophiliac action going on, and then I'd rather do any of the above than **** some old dead skeleton. *Shivers* I chose the creek, cuz I just got back from a canoe trip and I spent much time in a disgusting creek.

Posted By: DM

Posted On: Aug 4, 2004
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RE: In a coffin in a basement

I mentioned in another topic that I saw a porn where a sex scene did take place in a coffin, and that it was hot. A coffin does sound like a cool place to have sex in, as long as it's empty and there's room (the lid would have to be open.) Anyway, coffins are usually selected for the deceased based on how comfortable they are. Many coffins are as soft as beds inside. If you're on a stable base and the coffin doesn't have wheels, I say **** away.

Posted By: Taylor Kibbe

Posted On: Aug 6, 2004
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RE: In a coffin in a basement

lol well depends lol you can but furniture and use it when u die at http://www.casketfurniture.com/ lol