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Posted By: João

Posted On: Aug 4, 2007
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And by the way... I really want that ghost master 2 is launched!!!!!! by the way, when you finish class of spokk em high tricia don't go to eternal peace! why?

Posted By: João

Posted On: Aug 4, 2007
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How to free the buuny at the Hospital

I know how to unlock Harriet at the hospital! She is my favoutite character coz of her last power where Terror, Madness and Belief become full! she is the best! I like tricia and buck too!

Posted By: Raka

Posted On: Jul 16, 2007
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Can't wait for the second one. I'd do anything for it to would be a dream come true/miracle if it did come out.


Posted By: Goldenpati

Posted On: Jun 27, 2007
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27 June !2007!

Makes Ghost Master 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am Waiting!!!!

Posted By: flash

Posted On: Feb 7, 2007
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reply to q

when someone picks up the doll put lucky by the boy and use one of his powers.

Posted By: Harry Bates

Posted On: Jan 2, 2007
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Ghost Master 2 and class of spokem high lev

Hi who has signed the thing for ghostmaster 2 i have ghostmaster is a wiked game. does anyone know how to do the class of spookem high level.

Posted By: coolchick

Posted On: Jan 1, 2007
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reply to Q

You cant scar the person who has the doll

Posted By: Hotep

Posted On: Sep 2, 2006
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Does anyone know how to get the trickster in the Hospital level?
I've scared the boy and the doll felt on the ground, but everyone who takes it drops it on the wrong spot or even doesn't give it back!
please help

Posted By: Essay

Posted On: Jun 23, 2006
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Police Station

I like the police station. The missions in it have a lot of interesting stuff going on.

Posted By: Keely

Posted On: May 25, 2006
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I most prefer the yacht because I like it. I dunno, it felt like a change of pace to me. Oh, and I really love getting hte piano guy (or the challenge of doing so: even after having read a tutorial on how to free him I haven't managed to accomplish it yet!).

Posted By: João

Posted On: May 19, 2006
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If you are a Ghost Master addicted, please give me your e-mail. I'm desperate.

Posted By: Ghost gal

Posted On: Feb 6, 2006
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Calamity House

It's pretty easy, plus the fist time is one of the few non-scare-the-mortals-to-win levels.(And personaly, I realy like Poultrigist)

Posted By: no one

Posted On: Jan 14, 2006
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sorority house

i like the sorority house because the girls scream and scream whenever i use Clatterclaws

Posted By: João

Posted On: Oct 30, 2005
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Ghost master

I like the military base because is easier to drive them insane!!!!!!!!!! lol

Posted By: The Grim Reaper

Posted On: Oct 23, 2005
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I like Spooky Hallow because The Dragoon Helps you to scare people.

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