Rate the Police
Are the Sheriff's Deputies doing a good job? [119 votes total]

An extremely good job (57)
A pretty good job (11)
About what one would expect (11)
It could be better (9)
They are doing poorly (10)
Crime is out of control- they need more power (6)
They abuse their power (12)
I am a criminal and feel myself biased (3)

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Posted By: Hitler Jr.

Posted On: May 20, 2009
Views: 3336

The jews are a threat. We need to act now.

Posted By: Count Chocula

Posted On: May 20, 2009
Views: 3337

I like turtles.

Posted By: Bill W.

Posted On: Oct 6, 2007
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Police, Drugs and Lawlessness

Becides the spelling errors, I agree with this comment about drugs. It seems police focus too much on regular people and not enough on drug dealers/addics. Last week my neighbors in Port Richey (embassy hills) had people over, and the 'friends' sat in their minivan smoking something, with the door open, and eventually got out to steal a kids scooter! it was dark. the kid then ran away, and they started throwing the scooter all around. I call the police but they didnt come. It was, "not serious enough". meanwhile my car is right there in the driveway, about 6 ft from the hoodlums, walking all around with open beer. what could i do? no wonder people need guns.

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