not-cane strokes
Which implement should be used to deliver the first half of my blogiversary spanking? [382 votes total]

Tawse (on the hands) (88)
Medium two-tailed tawse (28)
Senior two-tailed tawse (83)
Belt (98)
Martinet (55)
Leather flogger (11)
Knotted leather flogger (19)

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Posted By: Olivia Manners

Posted On: Aug 24, 2008
Views: 2751

Quite by coincidence, I voted for the belt too Pandora. :)

Posted By: Pandora

Posted On: Aug 22, 2008
Views: 2873
For the sake of full disclosure ...

... I've voted for the belt. I love to hate the belt, and it has very good associations for me. Although to be honest, I'd be happy with any of the options that don't involve my HANDS.