Covid-19 Concern
Are you more concerned about COVID-19 in Jamaica than in March when the first case was reported? [3845 votes total]

Yes (2156)
No (1413)
Not sure (276)


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Posted By: Bellid

Posted On: yesterday
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The vaccines really help a lot, its 2022 and I have no idea why anti-vaxxers still exist.
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Posted By: Alan Searchwell

Posted On: 8 days ago
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Are you more concerned about COVID-19 in Jamaica t

The narrative that this disease cannot be treated was a false narrative created with the purpose of scaring everybody into taking vaccines. Now in June 2022 it is clear that the vaccines have not helped to end the pandemic. Countries that are yet to vaccinate a significant portion of their populations have all done better than heavily vaccinated (wealthier) countries. As it turns out early treatment as outline by The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance is the most effective way of staying out of hospital regardless of vaccination status.

Posted By: Mary Solero

Posted On: May 31st
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Yes, we are.. But vaccines are helpful to minimize the cases of covid 19.

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