Covid-19 Concern
Are you more concerned about COVID-19 in Jamaica than in March when the first case was reported? [3194 votes total]

Yes (1946)
No (1016)
Not sure (232)


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Posted By: Tony Carr

Posted On: October 8th
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I urge my fellow Jamaicans to take the vaccine. I have taken both and in another week or so I will take the booster shot. Please stop listening to people like Buju Banton and Zizzla who have no idea what they are talking about and should stay in their corner, it is their right not to take the shots but they should shut up. The sooner you take the shot the sooner the country can reopen. Last night I watch a full house cheering on the the US Football team and our team will play home games in an empty stadium. That hurt my heart because my fellow Jamaicans following the wrong people. Covid-19 is dead serious. Walk Good.

Posted By: Proud Canadian

Posted On: September 30th
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Covid Comments.

Alan Searchwell and Anthony you are misguided Jamaicans. First off the Flu (Influenza) is NOT caused by the Corona Virus, it is caused by the Influenza Virus and it is much different and definitely less deadly. The Flu is killing less people because of masks and social distance has drastically reduced it. Now for your comments Anthony about Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. DO NOT do these under any circumstances. They do not help, they can in some case make you sicker. Some have even died because of taking them. It is fake news that these drugs do any good at all. None of the true experts have ever recommended these. When Donald Trump suggests medical treatment, that should be your first clue that it is fake. He bought a bunch of stocks on the company that makes Hydroxychloroquine and then told everyone that it works. Why so he could make money and he has. Don't be a fool, Jamaicans are smarter than most Americans. Prove it and get vaccinated. I have not been to Jamaica in 2 years, after having been there 15 times. I miss you and want to come back. My wife has a compromised immune system and although vaccinated we still have to be careful. The sooner your numbers come down, the sooner we will come back to our second home.

Posted By: Karen Hinds

Posted On: September 14th
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To all my friends in Jamacia PLEASE GET VACCINATED. If not for you but for your children and older adults.

Vaccins work. Please stay safe and healthy.

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