Covid-19 Concern
Are you more concerned about COVID-19 in Jamaica than in March when the first case was reported? [1692 votes total]

Yes (1074)
No (466)
Not sure (152)


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Posted By: Eliana Williams

Posted On: March 26th
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Posted By: Donald Hannan c/o Patricia Rose

Posted On: March 17th
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covid 19 concern

I am more concerned now because I do not see the level of concern on the part of the Government that I saw then.

Posted By: Robert N

Posted On: December 7th
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The reason why COVID is much more scary is because unlike the flue/cold almost everyone can see or tell that you have a cold, but with COVID by the time someone realize that you are sick you have already infected probably 10 other people who have no clue that you were carrying it and they may do the same thing, and this is why I find it so scary and Jamaicans should really think long and hard of what they are doing and follow the health ministry advise wear mask and keep their distance no party gathering.

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