Five Bucks
What would you do for five bucks? [2233 votes total]

Draw a freckles on your face with a magic marker (176)
Moon people at a bus stop (142)
Step in dog poop intentionally (36)
Let someone stick their finger in your nose (188)
Put teaspoon of dirt in your mouth (13)
Smush two spiders (265)
Let someone stomp on your foot (72)
Wear an itchy sweater for a half hour (no undershirt) (122)
Let someone put a giant snake across your shoulders for a minute. (321)
Give a cat a big ol' lick (95)
All of the above! Five bucks! (474)
None of the above. It's only five bucks! (329)

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5 bucks?!?!5909yell at meFeb 21, 2003
mm mm.5945lily jane.Feb 16, 2003