Sports Fans
Who is the worst sports fan? [1424 votes total]

The person who tries to start the wave every 10 minutes (133)
The one with season tickets but misses half the games (150)
The one wears the opposing teams logo to the game (49)
The one who bad mouths the coach when the coach tries something risky and fails but then praises for being so ballsy when it works. (173)
The one who talks trivia facts nonstop (160)
The guy who dives over three rows to try and catch a ball that's like 10 rows away (86)
The person that constantly compares the current team to the old team (48)
The one who leaves a close game early to beat the traffic (242)
The guy who runs down on the field naked (38)
The guy with the horn (126)
The one who prefers domed stadiums and astroturf (77)
The one who claims predictions after its already happened (142)

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DDD0533DDDJan 14, 2010
DD0479DDJan 14, 2010
Um, where is the 'Any sport fan sucks' option?2733dawnJun 28, 2003
Opposing Jerseys at home1706J-townJun 19, 2003
the REAL sports fans0738RIgMUSJun 18, 2003
naked guys2863PITAJun 18, 2003
naked guy0735lilyJun 18, 2003
my husband331537sports widowJun 16, 2003
a write in vote7891jonJun 16, 2003