What gives you the biggest chills? [1517 votes total]

You're alone sleeping in a weird hotel and you wake up and see the closet doorknob turn and the door slowly creak open (168)
You're reaching under your bed for something and you feel something big and slimy gently wrap around your hand (95)
You hear and feel someone whisper 'I'm watching you' in your ear - but there's no one around (165)
You're doing a Ouija board with friends and it keeps spelling your name faster and faster- and it keeps going even when no one's touching it anymore (107)
You're watching something in a stadium and everyone in the crowd and on the field stops moving like frozen in time- except for you (30)
Someone rings your doorbell and you open the door and the person standing there looks exactly like you and is dressed the same- and they have a big evil smile (117)
At dawn, you pull up your shade and look out your window and see everyone in your neighborhood standing in front of your place looking up at you then they look at eachother and start nodding. (74)
You're staying in a small bed and breakfast place that's run by a nice old lady and you're checking out the antique photos on the walls and you realize she's in all of them looking exactly like she does today. You stare up close and one particular photo a (146)
You develop a roll of film from a bunch of pictures you took recently and when you get the pictures back all the pictures are images from your strongest memories of childhood (158)
You bite into a sandwich and you feel something become alive in your mouth and it bites your tongue (259)
No comment. Too chilly. (198)

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