End of Friends
What would be the biggest shocker final episode of Friends? [2060 votes total]

They all rob the Regal Beagle at gunpoint. (118)
Turns out the whole show takes place in a snowglobe being stared at by Marcel the monkey. (437)
They sit around and have a brillo eating contest. (29)
They all take turns giving Rachel purple nurples. (166)
They sit around spraying bugspray into their own faces. (44)
They tell each other that they were never really friends and they were just using them (152)
It turns out they're an Al Qaeda cell. (280)
They all pull up chairs close to the camera and take turns licking the lens. (54)
They find a time machine and go back in time and get eaten by dinosaurs then get sent back to the present day as hunks of dinosaur dung and the new spinoff show is called Dungs.. (124)
They get locked in the apartment and have to feed on each other to survive. (162)
They all get in the bathtub and play Marco Polo. (65)
They all get sex change operations. (101)
None of the above (54)
This poll is rock bottom terriblo! (274)

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