My Good/Bad Robot
My good/bad robot would... [1552 votes total]

be a really good bartender but drinks a drink for every drink he makes and gets drunk and loud. (68)
be able to carry me on his shoulders and run fast- but trips and falls sometimes. (6)
fight all my enemies but loses the fight 30% of the time and cries after. (64)
smash and destroy on command but has poor vision. (36)
look sexy and dance like a stripper but has no rhythm and is clumsy. (172)
know tons of stuff about sports but farts brown clouds at the top of the hour. (18)
clean up and do chores but watches tv half the day with the volume loud (86)
be able to shoot lasers out his eyes but is shy about it and can't look up. (23)
is a great cook but surprises you like Kato every time you get home. (103)
be a great personal butler but all surly about doing stuff. (125)
brings you money every day but gets it from liquor store robberies (310)
can transform into a cool motorcycle but corrects your grammar all the time (346)
None of the above! Robots suck! (87)
This poll is so bad it smells! (108)

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