What would be cool to happen at the debates? [1380 votes total]

Someone accuses the other of being a f*ckup and then the other one says 'I know you are but what am I' and the other one says 'a f*ckup!' and they go back and forth saying 'I know you are but what am I' until someone says 'Infinity!' (124)
The wives mudwrestle in the background. (122)
Every time someone speaks the other one does a Booger sized burp and/or blasty fart into the microphone. (44)
Whenever a candidate tries to discredit another he always ends his point with... 'plus he's a wang.' (332)
Every time the candidate is asked a question he responds with 'I could answer that question but then the terrorists will win because they hate our freedom.' (78)
Half debating. Half cockfighting. Half staring contest. (46)
Candidates have to attempt to freestyle rap their statements to phat beats. (198)
They both come out of the closet and announce they are together as a couple and while holding each others hands and looking into each others eyes announce they'll be Co-Presidents. (127)
They fight with nunchucks until someone cries and then has to admit defeat by saying 'I'm a penispump!' (164)
Three events. Hot dog eating contest. Tree climbing contest. Then a quick game of 'Hide the hog'. (44)
None of the above. This poll sucks and is disrespectful to our country. (34)
I refuse to participate in this poll by choosing this selection. (67)

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