Dealing with the Aftermath: What helps?
What helps you recover from being victimized? [239 votes total]

Talk with Friends (45)
See a Counselor (44)
Utilize a Crisis Center (3)
Physical Activity (16)
Helping Others (24)
Reading Recovery Books (2)
Listening to Music (14)
Creating Music (5)
Creating Art (4)
Crafts and Hobbies (3)
Writing (34)
Online Support Group (13)
Crisis Center Support Group (3)
Volunteering (3)
Praying or Faith Activity (14)
Other: If so, what? Leave a comment to let us know! (12)

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Posted By: Klais Surik

Posted On: March 10th
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You wrote about psychological texts here, but I'm more a real psychological supporter. A week ago, I had my own advice. It would be fantastic, I'd say, but only if you're working with an expert. Where can you find them, I know already. You can see, for example, Calmerry . I am so happy I find them. I am so happy I find them. Full of knowledge that knows what to do. Thanks to them, they can help me overcome psychological problems.

Posted By: diyugg

Posted On: Feb 19, 2010
Views: 4254

Thanks for your post.I love here.

Posted By: lulu

Posted On: Oct 13, 2009
Views: 3809

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