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Posted By: diyugg

Posted On: Feb 19, 2010
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Posted By: Just Me

Posted On: Mar 2, 2008
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what helps

I worked so hard, I ran, I kept myself surrounded with girlfriends that I trusted, I drove myself to absolute exhaustion every day so that I would be able to sleep at night. After the second assault, 5 years later, I was devestated. It happened at work, I was considered a traitor to the team. within 2 years I attempted suicide the first time. I didn't succeed. I didnt' say anything for a long time, finally, I sought help, I got strong again, I worked so hard. I'm so glad I survived my own attempt to end my life. 7 years went by, I was assaulted by a tailor. I went in to get a shirt tailored, It was devestating, my husband was deployed, I had my little girl who was 18 months old, and I didn't know if i was going to make it. I had worked so hard to get myself back. Maybe someday I'll feel safe enough to leave my house by myself again. But, I don't know when that will be. It's been 3 1/2 years, and I still can't sleep, still can't be by myself. I know that somehow I will work this out with my therapist, Pyschologist, psychiatrist, and my friends and family. Is there anyone else that has been through this 3 times in a 12 years, by completely different people, in different circumstances with the at least 2 times date rape drugs were involved.

Posted By: prizm

Posted On: Sep 11, 2006
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a whole brain

i see nothing the same, i am not who i am seen, split into many, controlled screaming , age of 9 my world came apart , slap in the face by school and by family this only allowed my attacker to rape again with anger and pain and with many friends to join in.
so i walk the this world with a smile and polite charm while still inside control screaming, for i have lost have myself , God was the only answer for me, he control the rage and kept me under His control. someday i know God will restore my broken brain so in the present time i will trust his hand and calm the screaming inside.

Posted By: Trish

Posted On: Sep 6, 2006
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I want my power back

I went to the police a week later after my rape. It was my word verses his and everyone else that was there that night.The town treated me like the criminal. My rape was four years ago and when I come home I am still given dirty looks and called nasty names. What I can't seem to figure out is everyone is angry at me when nothing was ever done to punish him. He got away with the whole thing.About 3months ago I was out at a resturant eating with a friend when some people who like to make me feel ashamed thought it would be funny to call him up. So as I was eating he walked in and sat at the table across from me and stared while they all laughed. I had not seem him since they attacked me for telling the police which was only 2months after the rape. I feel so hopless. How can I gain my power back when every time I am around that kind of enviromnet I feel like I am seventeen and powerless all over again?

Posted By: Sheena

Posted On: Aug 22, 2006
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It took me 6 months to go to the police to seek justice or help or anything really for the horrible rape I survived. I have no proof other than my word against his and the blankets and clothes that I saved from that night. I turned them all in to the police. It has taken about 10 months for any word to get back to me. After he attacked me he moved to california and was arrested for attempted asault with a deadly weapon on a minor. I was of course heart broken to know that if I would have only come to someone sooner, or the night that it happened that I could have prevented that from happening. He got 5 years in prison and is up for parol in 1 year and I just found out that with my case they can do nothing because he said it was consentual. I just don't understand the justice system.....this is just a summary of what has happened and it is like the system is made more to protect the criminals rights than the victims to which they have so carelesly tortured. The system is so messed up and I feel so hopeless and so angry and frustrated with our justice system. There is no justice for those that deserve it. It is so frustrating!!

Posted By: Jennifer

Posted On: Jun 26, 2006
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how to tell

2 months ago my step father in law tried to rape me. I have told the city, and county police but none have taken a report. I have even told a child protective service worker when reporting what he did to my sister in law who is a minor. The authority doesn't seem to care and I haven't really told my family what exactly happened I am too ashamed. I have even tried the crisis center and noone seems to help. Does anyone know what I can do?

Posted By: Mary M

Posted On: May 4, 2006
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Dealing with the aftermath

I'm just starting to deal with my situations. I have started seeing a counselor. I have never told anyone for fear that they wouldn't believe me if I had. I hope that by sharing this with a counselor and maybe some of the group members I will be able to heal and put this behind me for good.


Posted On: Apr 1, 2006
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The only way to get closure is to get justice. The laws have to wake up and stand by all rape victims. There is not enough help out there.My heart goes out to all of you who have been victimized. And may their rapist get what they deserve. Hell that will never end for them. They all make me sick!

Posted By: Laura

Posted On: Mar 28, 2006
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I have never told what happened to me..I don't know how..

Posted By: Shelly

Posted On: Mar 27, 2006
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sexual assault

What helps is to surround yourself with good quality people. I do not believe in using drugs or alcohol to cope with the assault as we are not taking control of our lives. The most important thing is to find control again in our lives as we lost it when we were attacked. I also believe in being assertive and not allowing others to state, "you ruined the accused life", "You should take responsibility for what happened", or that "you are damaged goods". I recieved all these comments from my boyfriend and it was important that i stood up to him and found a caring and supportive people to talk to about the assault. Don't drink and do drugs - you are just letting yourself get out of control - and your also dealing with your emotions by drowning them. This will have huge effects on you in the future. You need to find an appropriate way to cope with your emotions.

Posted By: f-ed up

Posted On: Mar 23, 2006
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nothing helps... counselors are stupid and don't do anything to help... nice to talk to i guess but doesn't really help in the end. the best way is to just drink away the memory and when sober, listen to depressing songs and cry until you can't cry anymore

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