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Posted By: me

Posted On: Mar 19, 2006
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RE: WTC Sept 11 2001

I agree with AB & Ed... it definately looked like a misile explosion. There is usually still plenty of debri at a plane crash site no matter how hard it hits. There was no debri indicatting this was a plane. more importantly no one actually saw the plane go into the building during the morning when people are arriving at work! How would you know if those people were real, that could easily be faked as well. I bet that whole section of the pentogon was cleared way in advnace of the misile attack. my advice is dont always beleive what they tell you.

Posted By: Copy and paste

Posted On: Mar 19, 2006
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RE: WTC Sept 11 2001

It's fun when you don't have any of your own thoughts, isn't it!

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