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Posted By: RgA_KiLLa

Posted On: Aug 29, 2006
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if they come out iwht a new starcraft its gona suck...second parts out of all the good games always suck

Posted By: HuMp[mF]

Posted On: Aug 26, 2006
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why the fack wouldn't i be interested in it!

Posted By: stuffthename

Posted On: Aug 22, 2006
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Posted By: RoocK

Posted On: Aug 17, 2006
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New poll/pole anyone?

Fvck how about a new poll/pole how ever the fudge you spell it

Posted By: pudgy lumpkins

Posted On: Aug 9, 2006
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i need to have a sc two i love sc one and i might commit sucide if i dont get a sc2

Posted By: im evil

Posted On: Aug 8, 2006
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sc2 on wc3

just so u know u can play sc on wc3 ft with the same units and same attacks just wc 3 ft graphics try it its pretty cool it will atleast help u cope with the waiting time for sc2

Posted By: romar

Posted On: Aug 5, 2006
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ang maiko comment ko lang ay maki sali dito.yon lang po.

Posted By: Dark_Ruler]S41[

Posted On: Jul 2, 2006
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My Biggest Discovery!!!

I Read This Of the Blizzard Comments

somebodie rote a quote and Blizzard Answerd Back With This

Q u o t e:
Additions:High Templar/Dark Templar Merge.

Not necessary, although it might fit with the StarCraft II story depending on how it goes. We'll see.

Posted By: Dark_Ruler]S41[ Leader of S41

Posted On: Jul 2, 2006
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StarCraft IsThe Best Game Eva Ive Been Waiting 8 years make StarCraft 2 !!!!!!!

Posted By: leader of Clan S41

Posted On: Jul 2, 2006
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i say Common Make StarCraft 2 Then My Clan Can Kick Ass In 3 StarCraft Vrsions
So yea BliZZard Don't Let Us Down Create STARCRAFT 2 OR Start Making More Copies Of StarCraft Ghost I Want it !!!!!!! But Its Freaken Dis Continued !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Zeek (star8 in star craft broodwar)

Posted On: Jun 30, 2006
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star craft is so fun!!! Blizzard even still supports it. My friends choose starcraft over world of warcraft anyday!!!


Posted By: roboto

Posted On: Jun 28, 2006
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Hell yes

Dude i've waited for 8 years. SC was the greatest game ever, WoW is still in its shadow. Here's to blizzard for delaying the climax! ..mutha ****as

Posted By: eva01

Posted On: Jun 28, 2006
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its really necesary that question, dudes?


I`d been holding my breath since 1998, i can hold it a lit bit longer...

Come on Blizzard! dont let us down!

at least SCGHOST...
OPERATION C.W.A.L. 2-!!!!!!!

Posted By: yoyodawg

Posted On: Jun 20, 2006
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aim name!

starcrafter's real aim name is:


Posted By: yoyo dawg

Posted On: Jun 20, 2006
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his aim name

starcrafter's real aim name is:


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