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Posted By: Anon

Posted On: Feb 8, 2014
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We should legalize it. Even if we don't win the elections which we probably won't, all we need to do is get into the cabinet which we do have a chance with, if we get in there we can work ourselves up

Posted By: brian

Posted On: Jan 24, 2014
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Its a herb and herbs are good for everything!!! If you can stop been ignorant about what's next too, your family and life would be much better!!! Free your mind and you shall see the wrong doings of world!!! Don't fall in the trap!!!

Posted By: Solomon Marley

Posted On: Jan 17, 2014
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Hi I'm solomon Marley I'm from jamaica I came to south Africa to support the Marijuana legaliztion in south africa like Haile Selassie did he was our king in Ethiopia who supported the Rastafari movement and us as rastafarian we call him our black jesus and I'm a true Rastafarian and in Rastafri culture we are all brothers and sisters so why don't we unite and make weed legal in South Africa like once a wise man said Legalize it (Peter Tosh sang that song to make weed legal in South Africa so why don't we do the same) replie 4 more info or comment

Posted By: DanWoz

Posted On: Jan 14, 2014
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Small Steps

Hi, I am an avid weed smoker and I think prohibition is a failure and a form of suppression. No doubt.
However, is one individual party for legalization enough?
Realistically speaking, ANC are the majority vote right now with little to no hope of anybody coming even close to their strong hold on the Nation of South Africa.
The runners up DA are well on their way to give hope to South Africans who think the ANC has lost all their moral values and beliefs as well as their vision.
Why not try to persuade a party like the DA as hard as you are trying to create a whole new party..??
We don't need more political parties, we need informed political parties..
If as much effort was spent on convincing the ruling parties then I'm sure we would make headway..
And the DA would need a marijuana affairs officer and I believe that is where, Dave, you come in :)

Let me know what you think..

Posted By: Bheki

Posted On: Jan 9, 2014
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love for the herb

Have you ever baked the Marijuana cookies, or cooked it mixed with mogodu? Try it and you will feel the healing circling in your body.

Posted By: Mister Lava

Posted On: Jan 7, 2014
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It is legalized in certain parts of the World, like in the Netherlands why not in South Africa.

any ways people who consume it are more mentally focus and stable then other legally drugs like alcohol.

One love, legalize it, Viva

Posted By: siphamandla Mazwayi

Posted On: Jan 7, 2014
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it iz the hearling of all nation

y must it not be ligal it is a cure for every desease

Posted By: robert

Posted On: Jan 1, 2014
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LIGELISE TI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted By: Mboyi lelake

Posted On: Dec 31, 2013
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Dagga its a herb

If its got roots,is gud!thats wat my father told me.fight against it,is that fight against me!

Posted By: matthew

Posted On: Dec 13, 2013
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I think it should rather be decriminalized instead of being way to afraid of government controlling and taxing it,yes legalizing it would probly end up turning marijuana in too a controlled substance like cigarettes or alchol,when marijuana can be bought over the counter seems a bit to much...only thing stoners really want is to grow,smoke and/or eat their herbal...i want the days of going to hang out on the corner buying
marijuana from a dealer that sells heroin right next to marijuana to stop,when you dont know what all sorts of additives may be in your marijuana.
As for agricultural benefits hemp has proved time and time again being the most roubust soft fibre in the world.Hemp paper lasts much longer than conventional paper also...
Anyway its just my 2c

Posted By: lonwabo ceza

Posted On: Dec 10, 2013
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ligalise ganja

we use ganja to fight against crime

Posted By: thando simelane

Posted On: Nov 20, 2013
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why should it not be legal.

some of the non smokers are thinking if dagga get legal then many would take advantage and over use the substance,like some of the cigarate smokers.they think dagga will also be smoked every were.
non smokers are scared that they will end up inhailing the substance.
parents are scared that if it become legal many children will end up over doung it even during the times when they should be focusing at their school work.
and for us smokers im thinking it would be more expensive.BUT IN THE END I STILL WANT TO SMOKE MY WEED WITHOUT BEING SCARED OF POLICE SHOWING UP...........

Posted By: Solomon Marley

Posted On: Nov 8, 2013
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Legalize weed today

People of south africa when will you realise that God made weed and man made beer so in God we trust God made weed and when he made weed he already knew that people will be smoking weed so please people In weed we trust Legalize today peace (RSA uinte cause we moving right back to babylon and were going to our fathers land)

Posted By: UNKNOWN

Posted On: Nov 7, 2013
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To make weed legal can bring our nation closer to each other and a stronger Rand and will help with work and all that stuff I really think ppl should make dagga legal it will only do good for the nation

Posted By: Jason

Posted On: Sep 30, 2013
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I think alot of the problem is when dagga accompanies busts along side the likes of khat and coke. People tend to label these drugs along side dagga because all over the world police often find more then just dagga. So its guilt by association really. Its wrong but its how it is. Lelazating will draw the line between recreation and full on drug use . Drugs connect to violence not dagga. If someone made eating cake illegal then criminals would bake cakes and sell them along side their drugs and guns and things. So you see.....

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