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Posted By: Foot slave

Posted On: Jan 17, 2017
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Master Cole

He is an amazing foot master, every needs to get under his feet and inhale while he takes what is his. Feed his desires only he matters

Posted By: Charlie

Posted On: Jan 5, 2017
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Master Toots

Master Toots all the way!

Posted By: Bustercasey

Posted On: Jan 5, 2017
Views: 1391

I vote for MasterToots! He is the best!

Posted By: Master toots

Posted On: Jan 2, 2017
Views: 1363
Master toots

Vote for master toots he is the best

Posted By: fs001

Posted On: Dec 20, 2016
Views: 1326

Why doesn't everyone vote for MasterToots?
He's so hot, perfect, Dominant, Superior.
He deserves all subs serving at His Superior magnificent feet!

Posted By: Vincent

Posted On: Nov 12, 2016
Views: 1689
Master Chow

Master Chow is powerful and sexy, he is demanding and sexy and my favourite Master on this site!

Posted By: Slave

Posted On: Nov 12, 2016
Views: 1696
Worship Master Chow

Worship Master Chow and serve his dominant, godly feet.

Skype: masterchow3

Posted By: Homosexual slave

Posted On: Nov 11, 2016
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Everyone needs to vote for the teen god MasterGod11

Posted By: siteowner

Posted On: Oct 3, 2016
Views: 1729

First look better on the site from 81 Master, 20 Master have a photo with middlefinger online, rest not, second some slaves enjoy to see that, feel free to vote for the masters you like the most

Posted By: Combat Fan

Posted On: Sep 28, 2016
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Middle Finger

Six out of the bottom seven - and ALL the bottom five - are still doing that stupid thing with their middle finger in their photos. Come up with something more original if you want to move up the rankings boys!

Posted By: cefwr

Posted On: Jul 29, 2016
Views: 2300

Whats his Skype or any other contact?
Cant find it on :(

Posted By: boyslavenew

Posted On: Jul 7, 2016
Views: 2059
GOD Tyler Durden

bow down, worship, adore, serve, obey and tribute GOD Tyler Durden. HE is ABSOLUTE POWWER.

Posted By: Footballer

Posted On: Jun 29, 2016
Views: 2114

Don't pay footballer he's a con, keeps asking for more cash and doesn't do cam as promised and blocks you when you won't give him more. His feet aren't even that nice. AVOID!!

Posted By: Feetyfoot

Posted On: Jun 29, 2016
Views: 1575
Dint pay master foot baller

Footballer is only seeking money. He lacks intelligence and doesn't really care about anything else. Bottom line only speak to him if u r willing to listen to crap of words that say only one word: money(he doesn't know any other words)

Posted By: slave

Posted On: Jun 25, 2016
Views: 1471

It is not Noah himself.
It is a friend of him, who is uploading his stuff.
Noah left the scene and this friend still uploads without his knowledge. Try to videocall him.. NEVER will be posible

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