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Posted By: Hylton Josephs

Posted On: August 21st
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Use cars

My contention is , a police is likely to be involve in a high speed chase , the drive have no history if this car so apart from chasing criminals he is worried about a crash.

Posted By: daneroy moore

Posted On: August 5th
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Used car for police

Yes this programme may sound good, but the undisclosed truth is those cars will come with earlier maintenance cost. So over the duration we will spend more on used car personal opinion is to buy new cars use them for 2 years then sell them back. The funds redeem from those used cars sales can add to the purchase of new cars. Selling cars earlier than later with a honest dealer will save on repair cost similar to the renta car companies models. This will allow our government eventually buy more vehicles ..

Posted By: h.thomas

Posted On: June 29th
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used car for police force

Used cars cost less than new cars so you get more cars for the same monetary outlay . These carscan perform to the same standard as previous batches of police service vehicles.Save some money and buy them off the lots .

Posted By: Owen

Posted On: June 15th
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Used car to rescue

Whether new or used the destroyers will have taxpayers money wrecked in a few months. With proper care and maintenance the used cars are just fine, I bought my used car 2005 and it has never let me down.Reason being, care and maintenance. Buy used, buy more, less expense & more mobility.

Posted By: leroy robinson

Posted On: June 3rd
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Government purchase of use cars

Why not purchase the used cars already in the island from the local car dealers. I didn't get it the first time when the security ministry opted to seek these cars overseas. Aren't the use cars being sold by the local dealers fit for government purchase?

Posted By: leroy robinson

Posted On: June 3rd
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Government purchase of use cars

Wyh not purchase the used cars already in the island from the local car dealers. I didn't get it the first time when the security ministry opted to seek these cars overseas. Aren't the use cars being sold by the local dealers fit for government purchase?

Posted By: Dwayne

Posted On: May 31st
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Mishandled but still a good idea

I believe the idea to purchase used cars for our Police force is still a good one. It doesn't only save tax dollars but also allows us to get more vehicles which we badly need. As any purchaser of a good barely used Japanese car will tell you, what you get is a vehicle that is essentially new. Some may argue that "Oh Police cars do more work etc etc" but I would like to point out that they do NOT do more work than the average route taxi, and those for the most part, are purchased USED, & when properly maintained, serve their owners/operators for years without serious issues. To the ones arguing that our Police cars are built to a higher standard than their civilian version counterparts, NO. That is so in the US but not in our country. They don't even have more powerful engines & can be easily outrun by many souped up & factory performance cars on our roads today.
In addition to that, the cops don't care the vehicles anyway so why give them a 4 million dollar car to wreck in a matter of months when you can give them a 2 million dollar one to do the same with?
What I think we should do is tweak the agreement, get a warranty on the vehicles, seek to maintain them better and ensure the drivers take seriously, that fact these vehicles are to be cared for and they will be held liable for certain damages the vehicles may suffer.

Posted By: ouglasbstagooden

Posted On: May 5, 2018
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Government equipment a procurement

The equipment that the government of Jamaica uses cannot be simply bought off the shelf for use. That is the worst value for money approach from those who should know better. All police equipment are usually made to a higher rigorous standard for the extensive arduous application that has to be the norm for this type of application. An to think that anyone thinks that any such piece of equipment found in any lot can met the rigors of police work is obviously attracted by the immediate glitter and sensation of moment without any real regard. Government required real planning and real execution for our real development to benefit all of us especially when really needed. The life you save may just be your own.

Posted By: Enriquel

Posted On: Apr 26, 2018
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Cheap Government

I think they should buy new cars for our police force officers if they cant do that then why are we all paying taxes for as far as I can see we have a cheap government

Posted By: Bernard

Posted On: Apr 24, 2018
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Seek Free Education Access with Reparation Money

Instead of battling forever for a few/lots more dollars to mishandle/runwid/mismanage.
Then ask/seek free education from the offending country(ies) to provide free tertiary education via full scholarships (tuition, materials, traveling, meals & accommodations included) to persons in affected countries for minimum 20 years and like 75,000 - 100,000 persons per year.

Posted By: joy

Posted On: Apr 22, 2018
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Police should have the best facilty

Police should have the best facilities to deal with criminals and using used cars/second hand cars hits their morale and govt should get the best of everything possible for the 'Soldiers'who protect the past, present and future of the country & who are the backbone of a country .

Posted By: Hylton Josephs

Posted On: Feb 3, 2018
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Used cars are not safe.

Most of the times our police will involve in ahigh speed chase, these second hand cars is not gaurantee to perform effectively, the drive have no history if the vehicle so anything likely to happen.

Posted By: V.Turner

Posted On: Jan 5, 2018
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Used cars for police

Police can sell their used cars to ordinary citizens who want to buy them when they are done with them, but they need reliable cars if it becomes necessary to chase someone who sometimes, because of criminal activities are in better conditioned vehicle. The job of a police is already dangerous, so for them to be called into a dangerous situation in vehicles that is likely break down or difficult to start, could likely make a bad situation worst not only for police but those they are trying to protect. My son bought a used car not so long ago and every day it seems something else needs fixing.

Posted By: Chris

Posted On: Dec 21, 2017
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Nothing wrong with used cars

"Police cars are supposed to be reliable and best working condition. I do not believe that used cars will serve well." - What utter rubbish. So are you saying that used cars are good for us the regular citizens who spend billions each year buying 5 yr old cars but NOT good enough for the police. Maintenance is the key. The govt treats their new cars in much the same way they would treat the used cars. They crash them, they dont maintain them, and the cars are useless long before their normal expected life span. So it would seem to me to buy 4 used cars for the price of 1 new one, that way more communities will have cars. The cars are going to last just as long as a new car(which is not long at all). Now the other side of the coin, can we afford the gas, the tyres, the insurance on 4 times as many cars?

Posted By: Who feels it knows.

Posted On: Dec 18, 2017
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Police need cars. So buy it or beg it.

Living in a community were police a tell people they can’t respond to your emergency because they don’t have any vehicle; you would fast realized that as long as it can get the people that are suppose to save you to weh yo might be dying or already dead; we nuh car if it new used or use foot power like the flint stone cars.

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