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Posted On: December 10th
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Posted By: Tamarsha

Posted On: December 5th
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I agree with the cremation of bodies only if the body would still be presented for a church service;so those who are grieving may receive some sort of closure . Then after which the body may be cremated .

Posted By: Geoge

Posted On: November 26th
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iF Cremation is much less costly then persons will select that method of disposing of the dead.

Posted By: Janel Pedlar

Posted On: November 17th
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I'm all about helping the environment so I believe cremation would be a better option for sure. But it shouldn't have to be mandatory. Then again, considering the current state of our cemeteries maybe this policy would have to be implemented.

Posted By: madeleine summers

Posted On: October 17th
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Posted By: Garry

Posted On: October 16th
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Mandatory Cremation

I am strongly against mandatory cremation. With some things, there should some middle ground, choice is very important. What can be done is to promote cremation; more persons may opt to do so overtime. Also, promote burial methods that conserve land space, such as recycling plots.

Posted By: Dr Austin VERNON, SR

Posted On: October 12th
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Indeed, it is a noble, sacred, and satisfying gesture to be able to visit the final resting place of your loved one/s whenever you so desire.

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